Thursday, 13 August 2009

Feeling Good In Leather

Well, it was either leather or crystal... or fuchsia. They're all suitable presents for a third anniversary, but leather suits me best. Today is the third anniversary of this food blog and, looking at how far I've come in those three years, it's difficult even for me to believe it.

Back in August 2006 I'd just completed my second year at college and was enjoying the summer holidays. I'd written a letter to "The Father of Fusion" Peter Gordon asking for work experience, and been thrilled to be offered a two-week stage at The Providores. And I was about to experience two polar opposites, with a dreadful day working in the kitchens of Sketch Gallery and a fabulous day working at Zuma. I was getting my first tastes of work in a professional kitchen.

A year later, the comfort and security of college dissolved away. My diploma in hand, I was about to set off for Catalunya and a whole new set of experiences as a stagière in Barcelona. By last August that apprehensive, inexperienced stagière had been transformed into a chef de partie in a Michelin-starred restaurant, confident in his ability to run an entire section of a fine dining kitchen.

Now, one year on I'm a chef de partie in a newly relaunched restaurant that is turning out some of the best food I've ever experienced, working under the direction of the man voted Spain's Chef of the Year and - for the first time - able to make some creative input into a fine dining restaurant menu. I'm still blogging away, although it's getting harder by the day to find the spare time. I know that I'm never going to be a famous blogger. But I may well be a famous chef one day... and I'll never forget the experiences, the friends and the pleasure that food blogging has brought me during these three years.


James said...

Ha - I always knew you were a leather guy! Happy blogiversary!

Helen said...

Yay! Congratulations on making it three years of blogging. You haven't done too badly elsewhere either ;)

Karen said...

I'd go with leather.
Happy anniversary! I look forward to eating your food someday.

The Boston Foodie said...

Aww...I think fuschia would have been stunning. Congratulations!!!

gaurvi said...

Hey! your blog is very attractive...It contains good material..i really injoy it..keep it up..

Trig said...

Thanks guys. Before you deck me out in fuschia, William, I'm surprised you didn't ask how tight-fitting the leather is [exit stage to sounds of YMCA].

Andrew said...

Congratulations! I always look forward to your posts. You've got a bright future ahead of you.

thepassionatecook said...

well done you! you've certainly come a long way. just promise you'll keep your positive attitude towards bloggers even when you've got your own michelin-starred restaurant ;-)

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