Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Love Triangle

For quite a while I'd been toying with ideas as to what to do with two sweet potatoes that I'd bought from my favourite local foodstore De Tot Al Born and the other day I decided that enough was enough and it was time to put some plans into action. So, fresh from the shower and still in my dressing gown, I briskly went about turning my knobbly tubers into a smooth, bright orange purée with the aid of some boiling water, a stick blender, a chunk of butter and a sprinkling of Maldon salt. I gently simmered the sweet potatoes whole in their skins until soft, then peeled them while hot and left them for a further 10 minutes to dry out. So as not to create any waste at all from the process, I used the sweet, orange and nutrient-rich cooking water to thin out the purée while blitzing until it reached a smooth, silky texture. A quick push through a fine sieve and my sweet potato was ready for a partner to mingle with.

A browse through the fridge led me rapidly to the most obvious conclusion - a pack of Philadelphia cream cheese staring up at me as if to say: "Yeah, you know what to do".

In terms of flavour, texture and colour I knew there was still one thing missing from this snack - something to counteract the buttery, creamy richness of the sweet potato and cheese. And, after a brief glance in the cupboard, the love triangle was completed as my eyes alighted upon a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar that had been endeavoring to hide itself behind the PG Tips.

So starting from the bottom upwards, you will see a lightly set balsamic gelatine made with Iota at the base of the glass, followed by whipped cream cheese, and then the sweet potato purée at the top. No stroke of genius really, just a simple but well thought out combination of three components that complement each other equally in terms of flavour, texture and colour.
Sweet potato, cream cheese and balsamic

Almost enough to get me to use the "y" word. Nah, not really. You know me too well for that.


recipes2share said...

Great photo. Not revolutionary, but I love sweet potato puree mixed through mashed potato.

Desmone007 said...

Interesting post, would never have thought of mixing those three together!

Guy said...

Looks good but would have to add a bit of chile in there, personally...great with sweet pots.....look forward to next installment....

Ros said...

A bet that would make a superb amuse bouche.

Idecided a long time ago that I wasn't a fan of sweet potato mash, preferring instead to serve is as roasted wedges. The puree sounds much better- I think it was the fibrousness of the potatoes in the mash that put me off.

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