Sunday, 23 November 2008

Victory For The Different!

Just over a year ago, I posted about how Waitrose had taken a major step towards reducing waste by marketing non-Class 1 produce — ugly fruit & veg to you and me and a career platform to Ester Rantzen.

So I was incredibly pleased to read David Lebovitz's post and this newspaper report about the European Commission's decision to abandon the laws that have dictated the look of Europe's fruit and veg for the past twenty years. A wonderful victory for ugly fruit, sexy vegetables and non-conformist people.

I'm so happy, I could dance the can-can.

Celebrating victory on behalf of non-conformists everywhere
"Carrot Can-Can" courtesy of sycamorepictures on Flickr.


nicisme said...

I'm all for it, I think they are beautiful!

Stephen said...

Yes it's great news isn't it. You kind of wonder what the EU is for when it comes up with pointless regulations like that.
Someone told me that the beautful uglies won't hit our shops (at least in the UK) for about another year. No idea if that's true - do you know? Anyway I look forward to seeing them in Finsbury Park!

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