Thursday, 7 August 2008

F*** Working In A F***ing Kitchen For A F***ing Living

Anyone of a sensitive disposition should not click the play button (or visit the restaurant).

Simple food, sourced locally.

Thanks to Mike for spotting this sketch from The Armstrong and Miller Show and uploading it for me.


Andrew said...

Very funny! I don't think we get that show here in the US. Unfortunately we do get chef Ramsay's TV shows here.

goodmunki said...

So f***ing funny! ahahhahaahah

Love your blog!

Bon dia,

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Oh big hairy round ones! We´re in Spain and I can´t get sound on this pc. Fast running out of time as we´re heading home in less than a week so don´t think we´ll make it to BCN this time. Hoping to be back in October. Hope all is well with you!!

Trig said...

It's the comic timing of the last two lines that's so brilliant.

Amanda - sorry we're not going to see you here this time. Maybe next year?

Douglas Blyde said...

Very funny.

Almost unrelated and difficult to answer on a blog comment board (sorry) but how do you feel 'The Boxwood Cafe' has changed over the years? Do you think it has taken a more formal trajectory? I had a good lunch there a couple of days ago (my first visit). It seemed like a training ground for the more 'upmarket' GRH enterprises (in a good way).

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