Thursday, 17 April 2008

Trusted Faces

Would you trust someone who looks like this? I hope so! This was my first ever professional video interview - all I'd ever done before was the odd cookery demo video clip badly recorded by my dad on a compact digital camera. I knew Walid Al Saqqaf of TrustedPlaces from a few previous outings to Borough Market, The Providores and L'Osteria dell'Arancio so when he asked me to drop into his offices in Kings Cross during my home visit and be interviewed by Laura for their food blog I didn't hesitate. For those not familiar with TrustedPlaces, it's a networking website in which members and professional staff exchange views on (and give rankings to) restaurants, bars, cafés, nightclubs and food shops across the UK.

Our interview had to be quite severely edited from its original 35 minutes to get it down to the requisite length, so the resulting video clip is a bit choppy and a few topics inevitably disappeared from the final cut. But Laura adeptly filled in some of the missing bits in the blog post notes.

Click on the banner to visit TrustedPlaces and here to see the write-up of their interview with fellow food blogger Anthony Silverbrow earlier in the week.

I enjoyed making the video and I'm looking forward to updating it next time I'm back in the UK.

6 comments: said...

AH! So that's what you sound like!

Nice interview.


Pete said...

Nice one, Senor Fish & Chips!

The Boston Foodie said...

Great interview Trig!

Trinifood said...

Trig, you got it going on. Keep up the good work. I'm still threatening to come and see you in Barcelona.

Trig said...

Thanks, guys. You are all welcome to come and visit for a meal, although there won't be any fish & chips I'm afraid. I'm going to publish something in a few days time on the experiences of some of the people who have taken the plunge after reading my blog and come here to eat at Comerç 24. Watch this space!

Sarah said...

Trig! What a great interview! I always wondered what you sounded like :)
Thanks so much for the Eating Britain mention, I am blushing!!!!
You are an inspiration!

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