Friday, 7 March 2008

You Make It All Worthwhile

When I moved to Barcelona last September, I knew it would be difficult to maintain the level of food blogging activity that I'd previously managed back home in London. A combination of very long working hours, telecoms difficulties and simply being away from fellow foodies was going to make it hard to blog. But I stuck it out and - touch wood - so far I've managed a couple of posts every week I've been here.

My blog stats for the past five monthsOne thing I hadn't anticipated was the extent to which becoming a professional chef would change my priorities. I've become far more interested in fine dining, molecular gastronomy, chef gossip and the sort of thing that doesn't necessarily appeal so much to the typical reader of food blogs as does home cooking recipes, local news and the like. I've tried to maintain some balance in the stuff I've written, but it's not always easy. Nor has finding enough time to spend reading the many fantastic posts of my fellow food bloggers out there and making regular comments. So, not surprisingly, I've been totally taken aback by these unbelievable Google Analytics stats for the past few months and I want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to them. Thank you. You make it all worthwhile.


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Well done Trig, you deserve it!

I'll make sure that my 3 visitors come past your site on the way out, too ;)

Mallika said...

It is bloody hard work all this blogging stuff. Really well done on the numbers.

nicisme said...

Well I have really enjoyed reading your posts, especially the alchemy experiments - which I would love to see in real life!
I'll be looking forward to many more.

Trig said...

Scott - Cheers, although I'm sure you get more visitors than I do.

Mallika - Thanks! It is indeed bloody hard work blogging, especially fitting it around a 56-hour week in the kitchen.

Nicisme - I'll be keeping up the alchemy posts for sure. It's not finding the inspiration that's the trouble, just finding the time to experiment!

dan said...

Woah Trig, that is pretty impressive. I think I have about 5 or 6 readers ;)

Keep your eyes down and focus on the job in hand :) said...

Well done and keep up the good work!

I love the insight into real working kitchens on the Michelin starred end of the world and your passion for food knows no bounds :-)


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