Monday, 31 March 2008

Through The Cooking-Glass (And What You'll Find There)

"Take some more tea", the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. "I've had none yet", Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more". "You mean you can't take less", said the Hatter, "it's very easy to take more than nothing". "Nobody asked your opinion", said Alice. "Who's making personal remarks now?" the Hatter asked triumphantly.
Through The Looking-Glass (And What Alice Found There) - Lewis Carroll (1871)

Since I arrived in my Wonderland, I've been a bit light in posts about a certain topic, to the point where personal remarks by the Mad Hatter would not be at all out of line. I've written about Japanese comedians, moth migrations, the British Prime Minister, my birthday, Formula 1 racing, women's secret passions, Princess Diana, flash memory and the woes of journalism. I've also filed some posts about gastronomy, but it's been mostly home cooking, alchemy experiments, food markets and exhibitions. The one subject I've hardly touched on is the food I cook professionally, every day. The very reason I'm here in Barcelona. I couldn't have posted much less about it, so I guess it should be easy to post more.

Aidan through the cooking-glassI intend to make amends with a new series of posts called "Through The Cooking-Glass". The title refers to the open kitchen environment in which I'm working - if you look carefully at the picture on the left you'll make out the thick glass partitions that are all that separates me and my fellow chefs in the kitchen from our customers.

In each post in this series I'll introduce you to one of the dishes on the menu at Comerç 24 and tell you something about the processes that turn the raw ingredients of the dish into the finished product.

Sopa De Fideos VegetalesI'm not expecting you to be able to source all of the ingredients from your local supermarket or be able to apply some of the more complex cooking processes, although it would be great if you can. But I hope that some of these posts will at the very least give you ideas for your own recipes and food presentation. I plan to start with Sopa De Fideos Vegetales.


Chennette said...

Your audience (well, me) eagerly awaits!

ros said...

As I don't speak any Spanish, I put the name of that dish into various translators and the best they could come up with was 'soup of plant vermicellis'. Useless things!

From your picture, I guess it is a soup with a julienne of different vegetables and edible flowers? In any case I look forward to reading about it later.

Trig said...

Chennette - Soon, I promise.
Ros - the correct translation is "vegetable noodle soup" and your conclusion from looking at the photo (did you enlarge it, btw?) is completely correct.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

If you ever check who is looking at your blog and were wondering who read it for several hours yesterday - it was us. Blogger kept throwing up error messages every time we tried to leave a comment so we left it open and kept trying. Sadly to no avail - bad blogger day!

Hope you had a great Easter and weren't too frazzled by the end of it.

Love this soup and it would be great to try yours. I've given up cooking. How difficult is it to get a table for 2 at Comerc 24 in August? No definite plans but we may be that way then.

...I've missed a lot! A separation among other things...

Trig said...

You showed up in the stats, Amanda, but only for a brief visit. Sorry you had trouble with Blogger. I'm sure you haven't really given up cooking. Try some winter comfort food - guinea fowl usually does the trick for my dad. Just let me know if you are coming to Barcelona and I'll book you a table at C24, no probs.

GODrums said...

nice.....what's with the soup w/flowers? said...

Oh - really looking forward to this new series!

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