Thursday, 13 December 2007

Birthday Pressies

In the rush to tell you about my lunch at Alkimia, I forgot to mention a couple of other birthday presents.

Everything a spicy soup lover could possibly wantMy dad dates from an age when a trip to Spain was a geographical expedition on which you ventured armed with a phrase book, a wallet full of pesetas and several cans of baked beans. So despite the presence of all the food markets, specialist stores and supermarkets a chap could possibly need (and the cash machines to go with them) - he brought me the kitchen survival pack for the spicy soup lover. Regular readers may be familiar with this particular set of ingredients.

Anthony Bourdain's tales of life as a trainee chefMum bought me a gift that was equally appreciated and rather less demanding on the Ryanair luggage weight allowance. I've been reading about these chef's memoirs for ages now on so many of my favourite food blogs. This omnibus sat on my shelf for two weeks before I finally had the time and inclination to pick it up and give it a go. And the verdict? I'm 139 pages in and well and truly hooked. The works are pieces of pure genius and just as addictive as Anthony's personality. Reading each new chapter is like opening a goldmine of familiarity - there's just so much to relate to his experiences as as a fellow chef. From his intricate descriptions of the personality traits of his colleagues (I'll guarantee you know someone just like each person he talks about), to his time with the living legend known as "Bigfoot", you just can't help but feel like you're right there with him in every hilarious aspect.


Chennette said...

ooh, we just ordered this and I am looking forward to reading it, in that mythical period called free time, when my eyes are open!

Lifespan of a Chennette

Sarah-82 said...

I read Kitchen Confidential in about 2 days I loved it so much- I am on the second one now!!

Paulina said...

I read both of them and I really enjoyed them. I laughed a lot while reading second one - Cook's Tour. In fact the first chapter "Here Food Comes From" describes a pig slaughter here in Portugal. It was a good way to start...

William said...

I have not read Bourdain's new book yet but did read Bill Buford's "HEAT", about his experience as apprentice to Mario Batali, with details on every burn, scar and personality disorder the kitchen faced daily. I bet you would also love that one. Since when do you have time to read?

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