Thursday, 9 August 2007

I've Been Del Grosso'd

Now I can't pretend that I'm not aware that there are some movers and shakers out there - especially in the U S of A - because I've read about such people over at Becks & Posh, Chez Pim, I Heart Farms, Silverbrow on Food, David Lebovitz and other food blogs run by people with serious contacts in the industry. These blogs are run by people who have actually met Harold McGee, David Kinch, Anthony Bourdain, Michael Ruhlman and other famous chef/writer opinion formers. I read their posts with great interest, but that's about as far as it goes. My own pinnacle of fame in the world of important cooking people is that I once lent a sharp knife to Raymond Blanc and he cut his finger on it.

Just one of Bob del Grosso's literary outletsSo when my Technorati check on Tuesday turned up a reference to me by some chap called Bob del Grosso, I didn't pay much attention. When eventually I got round to following it up, I was tickled deep blush pink to discover that this food writer, ex-chef and former teacher of food science and gastronomy at The Culinary Institute of America profiled me under the banner: "Soon To Be Famous?". Not only that, but he'd written: "Aidan Brooks... seems to be a young man who has his hair on fire to cook. Frankly, I am astonished by the quality of its content... the degree of sophistication of the construction and... the sense of determination to be a cuisinier of substance. If I was a betting man I'd bet a sautoir of quid that Aidan will be starred by the fat tire man within the next half-decade - maybe sooner."

"Aw, shucks!" was as close as I can translate my reaction into American. I've been profiled before - always by male writers. At risk of upsetting anyone by perpetuating kitchen sexual stereotypes, I must confess that I tend to generate a standard response in my subsequent blog post that involves mentioning myself with close female company. But this guy seemed to be genuinely more interested in my writing than my body, so I posted a little "thank you" note on his blog and left it there. Until the following morning, that is, when I checked my stats. Bob - I don't know what it is you do that causes unique visitor stats to triple overnight, but you sure does it good. Wow! I've never had so many visitors to my website in 24 hours since the day I started the blog. Fame at last!

The Culinary Che Guevara, by A. WarholThen reality set in. It dawned on me that Comrade del Grosso's profile post will rapidly sink down the home page of this prolific writer and, before I know it, slide off the bottom of the screen. And my flood of new readers will, no doubt, drain away into the flood plain in the same timeline, leaving me with just the usual suspects to chat to.

Still, never mind. I can take it. World fame is just a fleeting, ephemeral state of life, as Andy Warhol warned us all. Whereas my commentary interchanges with blogging friends Amanda and Barbara and Gerda and Haalo and Ros and Sarina and Scott and Vanessa and... are deep, meaningful and enduring.

So even if my readership stats return to their previous level, what the heck. One day, when I'm sitting round the fire with my grandchildren, I'll be able to say: "I was famous once. It was from 6.40 a.m. to 6.55 a.m. on Tuesday 7th August, 2007".


Silverbrow said...

It's well deserved Trig. I'm sure the new readers won't fall away, but will hang around to read more. And thanks for the nice words.

Bob del Grosso said...

If your stats went up it's most likely a result of my work with Tony Bourdain and Michael Ruhlman over at I get a lot of traffic on my own blog from there and so the clicks likely traveled thusly

Ruhlman> Hunger Artist> Trainee

Good luck to you my friend!

BTW, I know Harold McGee and I'm sure he will be happy to know that you appreciate his work.

dan said...

What can I say Trig? The man has spoken.

Will I get a cheap meal after you've made it big?

Trig said...

Dan - you bring the smoked mackerel and I'll reduce the cover charge. Forget the smoked lobe of goose foie gras, though. Not my thing.

Bob - Wherever the readers came from, they are appreciated, as are your kind words. As for Harold, I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't got round to finishing this yet and writing it up. I was planning a post on the above and also on this. The two books have had a profound impact on my thinking about food and my willingness to believe what I'm told about cooking without first checking things out for myself.

The Boston Foodie said...

I told you so.

tschoerda said...

trig, the man is right! i might just be your groupie and big big big fan, but mr. bob del grosso definitely knows what he's talking about!

one day, when i'm sitting round the fire with my grandchildren, i'll be able to say: "aidan brooks, the gourmet guru, mentioned me in a post once ... " hehe.

trig, you deserve that! you will be really famous!

Sam said...

You deserve it Trig - but i think you overestimate me. I only know David because he is with Pim and I know Pim. And I just happened to sit next to Harold McGee at dinner - I can't say I really know him myself. Although I would like to. he certainly has a sparkle.

Jeanne said...

You da man! A well-deserved mention and I want to book the first table when you get your star :)

Tana said...

My dear young man, anyone who is NINETEEN YEARS OLD with your gravitas, and commitment to what is just and right in the world of clean and delicious food deserves all the praise that is funneled your way.

I cannot believe that I actually know every person on your list. I hope I can shake YOUR hand one day, and also Mr. Bob Del Grosso's. I like his photo: open face, good smile.

Take care, sonny boy, and a lot of people are watching you because we trust you already. You care. You got da chops.

In the immortal words of David Essex: "Rock on."

Trig said...

Tana - I'm truly grateful to you for your inspiring words. This really means a lot to me.

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