Thursday, 26 July 2007

Down Under Up Here At Last

Sorry for the delays, but it's taken me a long time to get my Australian Gastronomy Report together for publication. This is the equivalent exercise for my Professional Chef Diploma to an academic course final year dissertation, except of course that I had to put my words into practice and cook some of my work!
Photo taken by my mum during her trip to Oz for my cousin's wedding earlier this year
I'm publishing it in four parts. The first two parts discuss the development of Australian cuisine; from Aboriginal beginnings through European settlement, Asian influences and the eventual rediscovery of indigenous culture and emergence of a new Australian cuisine. In the third part I explain the thinking behind my restaurant menu development. And in the final part I present my menu and summarise my conclusions. I hope you enjoy reading my work. Click on the large Australian Gastronomy link in my sidebar or here to read more about the project and the first section of my report.


AP said...

I have been reading your blog since the time you helped me out with the "mitha ittar" query a couple of months ago (not sure if you remember). Very informative and I love your writing style. You are obviously headed for "big" things. Good luck!

Trig said...

Thank you AP. Sometimes I trip over my own words and other times they seem to flow smoothly. Practice helps a lot. I think my writing has improved a great deal since I started blogging. As for "big things", I'm only driven by love of food and the desire to innovate. I won't be climbing any establishment ladders.

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