Thursday, 14 June 2007

A Lunch Dilemma

I saw these in Waitrose and just had to have them for lunch. But I was worried about their origins. The fact is that, despite my best efforts at lobster hunting, you just don't find these swimming about in Hackney. And it's a long way from Madagascar, which raises the issue of food miles. A little research made me feel much more comfortable. These Madagascan tiger prawns were specially selected by Waitrose for the fishmonger counters in their major stores, because they're responsibly farmed. Unlike many warm water prawns that are produced using trawling methods that cause seabed damage, or farmed in ways that destroy and pollute the mangrove forests. Good. Now I could enjoy my lunch with a clear conscience.

Madagascan tiger prawns from Waitrose
So now my conscience was clear, I could give my arteries a run for their money. And by this I mean a big old chunk of butter in a hot frying pan (I mean big) and a little finely sliced garlic added once the prawns were in and the pan was sufficiently cool as not to burn it. Burnt garlic is a smell I can do without.

Served with a few generously large chunks of bread, torn from a crusty baguette, to soak up my giant pool of nutty, garlicy butter. Now get your fingers dirty!


ros said...

For a reason I probably am best off not mentioning, that photo is freaking me out slightly.

Sarah said...

That sounds deelish! :) You can add a little chopped chili to the garlic too for an added spicyness, yum!

Karen said...

Prawns are intimidating to eat-- I think it's mostly the eyes and the legs.

Trig said...

I'm with you, Sarah. But not too much because you can easily drown the flavour.

I'm not at all sure what your problems with these little chaps are, Ros and Karen. You don't eat the eyeballs, the shells or the antenna. On the other hand, I must admit that I do like to put crustacean shells away and cook them down later to make a sauce. There's a large bag of lobster shell in my freezer right now waiting to be cooked.

ros said...

oh, its not the eyeballs, shells or antennae that are bothering me - actually I'm a freak and will eat prawn shells (though not the head). I actually like the tails- this really freaks out gpon.

No... it's what that particular picture reminds me of that gave me the heebie-jeebies - but I'll explain that over e-mail... otherwise I will gross out someone.

Jeanne said...

Mmm, huge succulent prawns! These look totally heavenly. I still remember how amazed I was the first time I saw somebody cooking raw prawns in their shells and how the colour changed from green/grey to pink when they were done - it was like a small miracle.

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