Saturday, 9 June 2007

Gone Fishin'

Now before any of you say anything about lazy students indulging themselves on days out in the countryside at the taxpayer's expense, let me make clear that there was an educational purpose behind my recent day out from college at Blackwool Farm Trout Fishery. That purpose is so eloquently expressed by Hugh Fearnley–Whittingstall when he talks about the importance of developing your culinary ethic by taking personal responsibility for the food you eat.

To quote from HF-W: "the killing of other creatures, however big or small, sophisticated or simple, is not something to take lightly. But I’m also convinced that the question of whether such forms of hunting are morally acceptable is linked very closely with whether the animal killed has an end use as food." In The Road To River Cottage, Hugh talks about rejecting processed, sanitised supermarket food and getting in touch with real, raw food. And that, of course, was the purpose of our excursion the other week. At least that's my line... and I'm sticking to it.

I must admit our college trip wasn't exactly wild salmon fishing on the River Tay. Just an hour-or-so minibus ride down the A3 for some fly fishing near Guildford, in the stockbroker commuter belt. But the principle was the same and the day was very enjoyable. Click on the last slide to read the story behind my fantastic catch.


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I'd love to try fishing one day...Something I've never attempted, but the idea of eating my catch would swing it for me!

Trig said...

Eating it is not the problem, Scott. It's catching it that's the problem!

ros said...

Ouch! That catch of yours sounds painful!

Educational trip, eh? Sounds about as educational as that three week maths conference i got sent to in Switzerland. I learned loads that month... about chocolate and sunbathing. ;)

I love the river cottage books. HFW has such sensible ideas.

Gary S. Hurd said...

I am an avid fisherman. I have come to the point where I will not eat any fish I have not caught and prepared.

Trig said...

Gary - if I went that far I wouldn't be eating much fish. But I certainly take great care these days about where I source my fish and I've been doing my own cleaning and preparation for years.

Ros - Don't let DL hear you suggesting that chocolate lessons aren't an essential part of food education. And surely you learnt something about cheese, also?

Richard said...

I've only ever been fishing once - deep see fishing in the Indian ocean - and I had such good luck I'm almost scared to repeat the experience!

I guess once you're in Spain it'll be sea fishing rather than trout?

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