Sunday, 24 June 2007

A Feast For 99p

No, it's not the special offer KFC mini-chicken burger with a sachet of relish. Although - interestingly enough - my dad did use a sachet of sauce in the preparation. But more of that in a minute.

Regular readers will know that I've only just reached the stage of occasionally sampling offal... and then only when prepared by one of the world's most respected offal chefs. So it wasn't me who came home proudly clutching a 99p pack of Waitrose chicken livers like a football trophy. I'm not sure how much of dad's excitement was due to the re-awakening of his Jewish culinary roots and how much to the fact that he'd purchased enough meat to feed two hungry mouths for just 99p, but he looked like the cat who'd just found the cream. Which, I must say, would have made a great addition at the final stage of this dish, were it not for the fact that such a combination is strictly prohibited by kashrut. Mind you, he might as well have added a little double cream, because the sachet I mentioned earlier contained oyster sauce - so that put the kibosh on any good kosher intentions.

Chicken livers - delicious food that they almost give away

Even dad would be the first to admit that raw chicken livers hardly constitute the most appetising dish. Unless, of course, you happen to be canine, when presumably it looks absolutely delicious. But even with my personal dislike of offal, I had to admit that the final result of dad's efforts looked pretty good. And with the basmati and wild rice mix, the oyster sauce and nam pla (he's so into "surf and turf" recipes these days), soy sauce, garlic and spinach, the whole meal came to less than £2. It would have fed us both, but it will take a bit longer before I'm ready to eat any sort of liver, so dad pigged the lot. And he certainly sounded like he enjoyed it, despite his bloated appearance afterwards.

At this stage I should credit the lovely Appon, whose post Pad Kueng Niey Gay inspired dad's attempts. I can see from her blog portrait that Appon is of slight build, but looking at her suggested quantities, one double portion of dad's chicken livers would feed no fewer than 18 Thai women. That says more about my dad than it does about Thai women. No wonder we're so obese and unhealthy in the West!

Surf and turf chicken livers with soy spinach and wild rice

If you want to try this yourself at home, I've filed a photo recipe here. But be warned - it's not kosher and eating the whole lot yourself would definitely not be good for your weight.


Anonymous said...

My brother and I think liver is okay but it has to have lots of sauce or gravy. from boyscancooktoo

Trig said...

Well, why not try chicken liver which is much more tender than lamb, beef or pork liver. And maybe try it with the Thai seafood sauce in my recipe, because I think that tastes much nicer than ordinary gravy.

Silverbrow said...

Oyster sauce and livers?! Pah. There was I thinking you'd created a recipe just for me. I'm off to sulk back in my corner of t'interweb.

Trig said...

Sorry it wasn't kosher, Silverbrow. It's a consequence of my father having married out. Actually I'm more concerned about it being a bit too Bryn Williams or Kylie Kwong. But as I'm in the middle of my exams, it's a case of tradition now and experimentation later. Mazletov.

Sophie said...

I've not tried any offal for ages but I'm tempted now - this looks really juicy and tasty Trig! I wonder if you can get organic liver relatively easily (my squeamishness would probably send me down this route, considering all the hard work livers have to do!).

p.s good luck with the exams

ros said...

I'm glad to see you've been at least partially converted. I haven't tried oyster sauce with chicken liver. Interesting idea!

I've seen duck livers in my nearest Waitrose. I'm hoping to give them a try soon.

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