Wednesday, 2 May 2007

We Live In A Beautiful World

No, I haven't suddenly developed a big thing for Coldplay or a crush on Gwyneth Paltrow. It's daughter Apple who inspires this blog post, or rather Chris and Gwyneth's message when naming their first child. We live in a beautiful world where some of us at least have ready access to fresh, local, seasonal, organic produce. It really is time we all stopped eating junk and made that stepwise change that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been talking about in his 12 Steps On The Road To River Cottage.

Browsing YouTube the other day looking for food movie clips, I came across this. Some of you will already have seen it, for those who haven't I hope you are as inspired as I was on first viewing.

The producers of this video are Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI), a nonprofit organisation based in Maine and operating in 70 countries world-wide. KGI's mission is to empower individuals, families and communities to achieve greater levels of food self-reliance through the promotion of kitchen gardening, home-cooking, and sustainable local food systems. They seek to connect, serve and expand the global community of people who grow some of their own food and have links with over 2,900 kitchen gardeners.

KGI looks to me like an organisation really worthy of the full support of the food blogging community. Have a look, see what you think and let me know.


Richard said...

Thanks for posting that, Trig.

It actually depresses me - can this organisation make a real difference? While I hope so, I wonder. The key to it is that many of today's parents were brought up on crap food and instil this into their children. Even though you can walk around Borough Market or go to farm shops and see them all busy, they're busy with a particular type of person - how do you get to all the others?

If I could make a living doing that, I would!

On a personal note, my broad beans have shown their first flowers in the garden now - and the courgettes are coming on well - I can't wait for my first taste of my own home grown veg!

Trig said...

We can only do our little bit, Richard. We may not achieve much, but lots of little bits add up and if we do nothing then we only have ourselves to blame. I must admit that although I'm growing herbs I'm not growing any veg right now. But I harvested some food from my garden over the weekend that I served to the public as amuse bouches in my college resturant (now there's a contradiction between self-sufficiency and bourgeois life for you!). More on this in a later post. Today I'm off to eat lunch somewhere really special to make up for last night's defeat by Liverpool.

Richard said...


I chose to celebrate last night's result - but only with a sandwich at my desk as per usual...
So where was lunch?

Stockton said...

Afternoon Trig - firstly, great site, really enjoyed reading it - only stumbled across it today. Secondly,i think its a great idea to post this '12 steps' item on your site. Despite the major view, i think that people, especially the younger (our) generation are getting more and more aware of food and how to sort the wheat from the chaff - chin up richard! I have just visited The Dales festival of food and drink and that was huge - and packed! People do care but its up to people like us to make sure the word keeps on spreading, i guess! Keep up the good work!

Trig said...

Cheers Stockton, thanks for the encouragement. Let's keep spreading the word!

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