Friday, 25 May 2007

Seeing Doubles

I wouldn't call it harrassment, but Sarina has been urging me to try doubles for so long, I almost considered getting on a BWIA flight to Port-of-Spain. Strictly for the purpose of culinary research, you understand. Of course my parents would have coughed up the fare in the interests of furthering my gastronomic development. So imagine my disappointment when, strolling through Broadway Market last Saturday, I came across a stall selling these:

Now that I can buy doubles just round the corner from my house, there's no need to pay a visit to the Caribbean. Except, perhaps, to compare and contrast the Hackney version with the Trinidad version. Now there's a thought!


The TriniGourmet said...

did ya like?

Trig said...

The TriniGourmet said... did ya like?

Do bears do poo-poos in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Jeanne said...

Not a first-date food, then...!

Sounds awesome though!

ros said...

Curried chickpea, chutney and bread sounds like something I would kill for right now. I think I might go investigate Shepherds Bush market tomorrow to see if I can find any.

Chennette said...

Comparison is clearly needed, but you do look as if you enjoyed it. I hope you fed the person taking the pictures :-) You actually won't need to leave the airport to get good doubles if you hop over to Trinidad.

Trig said...

It was my dad who took the photos, Chennette. He's a coeliac so he didn't mind me scoffing the whole thing!

When I bought the double I got chatting to the female vender who was really shocked when I told her I cook a good pelau. I think she was pretty taken aback to discover that I'd even heard of the dish. She made me promise to take some to her stall the next time I make it.

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