Thursday, 4 January 2007

Worth Every Minute Of It

The 2006 Food Blog Awards hosted by Well Fed NetworkLast night I looked at the Food Blog Awards 2006 announcement on Well Fed Network and found my name as a shortlisted nominee in the categories of Best Food Blog By A Chef and Best New Food Blog. I'm gobsmacked.

Six or seven months ago I first heard about the world of blogging. Scanning the pages of "Metro" on the way to college one morning, I first read about the new breed of self-empowered commentators - the blogging community. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a part of it. What I didn't know, when I sat down for my first attempt on Blogger, was that there was a vibrant and thriving community of food bloggers out there. I just wanted to create an on-line CV to help my search for work experience and record my progress through the final year at college and out into the real world of work.

The past few months have been a great learning experience. Step by step, I've begun to learn how to put together an article, use digital photos and videos, link to other sites and many other blogging skills. More importantly, I've discovered the amazing world of talent out there amongst those who love food as much as I do. The quality of writing, photography and artistic design is awesome. I could say the same about learning to cook. In the past 12 months I've eaten food that I would never have contemplated a few years ago. And it makes me even more determined to learn to cook at that standard and hopefully even higher.

One aspect of food blogging that struck me is its near-total domination by women. I've concluded there are three reasons for this gender imbalance. Firstly, blogging requires a multi-tasking approach. That alone eliminates most of us XY people. Secondly, as I'm slowly beginning to realise and trying to put into effect, blogging is not about writing to people but communicating with them. The nomination of Shauna's piece "Yes" for Best Food Blog Post (when it hardly mentions food or cooking!) shows just how well women are able to express their feelings in ways that are oh so hard for us men.

Finally, despite the fact that women probably cook 99% of the meals served on this planet and despite the huge changes going on in the world of work, professional cooking sadly remains overwhelmingly the domain of men, especially at the very top. In Europe, Italy is the only country with a group of Michelin 3* women. In Britain, Ramsay's protégée Angela Hartnett is the only woman at the peak of the profession - and she has Italian ancestry! So most women are left with writing about it.

Two months ago I'd never heard of the Food Blog Awards and even today I have no idea who the people on the shortlisting panel are, so I can only thank them publicly through this posting. I can't wait to browse those shortlisted blogs I've not yet discovered. I'm sure I'm going to find some treasures amongst them. Setting up a blog and publishing regularly hasn't been easy. But I'll tell you one thing - it's been worth every minute of it!


Nicole said...


tschoerda said...

hey aidan, you totally deserve all this attention and i am happy for you that you made it to the top 5 in two categories!

though i wasn't the only one nominating you my gut feeling was right :)

i really enjoy reading your posts, they're always informative, well researched (and totally sophisticated!) ... not to mention the cool pictures!

this is a brandnew blog, but you've come a long way, my friend!

you are always an inspiration.
i am sure you will keep up the good work!

Trig said...

Tschoerda - you are very kind. Thank you.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Congratulations on being shortlisted! You did better than me, you bugger.

Seriously though, well done. And good luck for the final result!

The TriniGourmet said...

congrats! :D i'm off to vote :P

Karen said...

Congratulations on the nomination! You totally deserve it-- you're posts are so informative and they help so much. Good Luck!

FoodieBride said...

Congrats on your nomination, very nice site!

Voodoo said...

WAY TO GO! Don't sell yourself short. You clearly have a passion for what you are writing about and you are an interesting read. I'm not surprised you were short listed, honey.

Trig said...

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Laura said...

I only just found your blog tonight from the nominees list on Well Fed. You definitely deserve it - beautiful writing, topics, pics, etc. Really sophisticated and remarkable for a 19-year old .

Brilynn said...

Congrats on the nomination! I'm glad that I've now discovered your blog and am wondering why it took me so long.
I started blogging this year as well and previously didn't really know anything about it and quite honestly thought the whole thing was a little wierd. My opinion of blogging and bloggers has since done a full turnabout. I've been inspired to try so many new things while reading other blogs and I've found that there's actually quite a sense of community among food bloggers that was an unexpected, but very nice bonus to the whole process.

Trig said...

Brilynn - I feel just like you do. The writing and photography on many blogs is far better than in many "professional books" and some blogs at least have better and more adventurous recipes as well. Especially for me as I'm into fusion cooking and the bloggers are very global. But as you say, the best bit is that they are all so supportive. I'm really enjoying this and I can see you are too.

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