Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Fancy Your Own TV Series?

Back in the first week of November I posted an article about my Australian gastronomy project in which I drew heavily on the knowledge and skills of Aussie chefs Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie. Shortly afterwards I heard that their TV cooking shows "Dining Downunder" and "Upside Down Kitchen" are being networked US-wide from this February.

A month later, in the first week of December, I published a piece about Ray Mears, the British survivalist and wild food expert.

This Thursday evening BBC2 starts broadcasting Ray's new series "Wild Food", in which he starts in Cherikoff and Christie territory - discussing the role of indigenous produce with Aboriginal hunter-gatherers - and ends up gathering fungi and fruits in the woods of Sussex.

So... it's the first week of January. Anyone like to be written about?

Who needs Tesco? - all you need to eat healthily can be found in your local fields and woods.


lindy said...

Trig-This is really not related to this post-except insofar as it relates to your own video series! I thought your onion chopping was awfully well done, and I have a video request. I've been given a sharpening stone, and am at a loss with the written directions. Could you do a video on sharpening knives with a stone? I really want to learn how to do my own knives properly, and need a demonstration desperately.

Trig said...

Lindy - let me have a think about it and I'll see if I can make a video in a few days showing how to sharpen knives using a stone, a steel and a commercial knife sharpener. I've just mastered using my Christmas present Füri sharpener and I also just bought a new steel for general use. I still remember how to use a stone from earlier training, but I'll have to find a stone to use as I don't currently possess one.

GODrums said...

trig! dude go to the food network website and apply for the next Food Network Star competition.....I printed mine out, but I'm not sure if I'll have the balls to do it.

also...new stuff

GODrums said...

by the way, what type of cutting boards do you fancy? I just got a set of those plastic sheet cutting boards for different types of food on each one. does that mean I can only use each one for one type of food.....what do you think?

Trig said...

Godrums - I use colour coded polyethylene chopping boards that I buy here from a company called Russums who supply lots of colleges as well as professional chefs. I'm not sure if that's what you mean by plastic sheets, but they are 18" x 12" x 1/2" or 1" thick.

There are conventions for which colour is used for which type of food - the object being to avoid cross-contamination. In a professional kitchen this is a legal health & safety requirement but I also use them at home.

Unfortunately there is no one standard for the colours. Even working here in London I've been in different restaurant kitchens using different schemes. But basically some are for cooked food and some for raw food, with the standard colours being green for fruit and salad vegetables, red for raw meat and blue for raw fish. The other common colours are yellow, brown and white.

Most important of all is that if boards aren't sanitised properly it won't matter whether you use plastic or wood or what colour scheme you use - they will still be dangerous.

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