Monday, 8 January 2007

Winter Fondly Remembers Summer

I've been posting too much winter comfort grub lately - with Tuscan spicy sausages, shiitake and saffron risotto and amaretto flambéed mixed seafood - and not enough light and healthy summer food. So when the pangs of desire for a juicy sirloin steak hit me yesterday, after many hours researching Australian cooking techniques for my gastronomy project before my return to college this morning, I thought I'd try something very quick but a bit different. No chunky-cut chips, no wilted spinach and definitely no greasy fried eggs.
Lime juice adds the perfect touch to this simple meal
I started by seasoning the steak generously with finger-crushed sea salt and fresh ground black pepper and searing both sides in a little oil in a very hot pan.

Meanwhile I'd pre-heated the oven to gas mark 9 (240ºC).

I transferred the steak to a casserole dish, took a bunch of washed Pomodoro vine tomatoes from the fridge, and placed them on top.
I squeezed a little lime juice onto the steak, added salt and black pepper seasoning and popped the dish into the oven for just 5 minutes.

Finally I rested the steak for 5 minutes. This is the most crucial part of the process, allowing the meat fibres to relax and preventing outflow of juices onto the plate.

Served with freshly-bought potato salad (I wish I'd had time to make up my own - I'll definitely post a video showing to how make your own mayonnaise soon) and a little sun blush tomato.

A simple winter meal, but one to remind you of the salad days of summer.
Combining the meaty days of winter and the salad days of summer


GODrums said...

I loved cooking for myself when I was single.....try doing something like that for a 12, 4 and 2 year's not that easy.

Do you normally transfer it from the skillet to a pan before you put it in the oven? I tend to keep it in the skillet.....but I'm up for something new.

Voodoo said...

Well yum!!! So how rare is the meat after only cooking so long?

Trig said...

Well in England we call the skillet a frying pan and what you've called a pan we just call a dish. I only transfer the steak to a new dish because I don't have any frying pans with all metal handles. Mine are all plastic handled, which doesn't take to the oven so well...

Trig said...

To answer your question Voodoo, if you put the steak into a really hot pan and literally just sear it for a matter of seconds on each side, you can run it through the oven for a good few minutes and still retain the lovely pink rareness. The tomatoes add extra moisture as they burst in the oven, and the lime juice provides that extra zing

Smári said...

I found your blog among the nominees for the food blog awards. Congratulations and best wishes for a very good 2007.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

It does look great. Your little cooking tips are like gold nuggets shining through!

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