Sunday, 19 November 2006

Bad Eggs

Free range eggs, or battery farmed cheats?The big food news here in the UK during the past week has been the passing off of millions of battery farmed eggs as "free range".

The newspapers are reporting that up to 30 million eggs supplied to shops and supermarkets as "free range" were actually from caged birds.

Police have been investigating the allegations and have already raided one packaging and wholesale distribution business near Coventry.

Just to add misery to woe, The Food Standards Agency has just published estimates that salmonella is present in one in every 30 boxes of imported eggs on sale in England, with the worst offenders amongst exporting countries being Spain, followed by France.

When I was just less than a year old, British Health Minister Edwina Currie was forced to resign in a blaze of publicity after provoking outrage by saying that much of Britain's egg production was infected with the salmonella bacteria.

So, plus ça change then, or should I say nada cambia.


astillac said...

Hi, followed you from Shauna's blog. I'll be sticking around for some time; you've got a nice place here.

Keep posting your creations!

(Sucks about those eggs, doesn't it? I wish I had more land so I could just use my own eggs.)

Mallika said...

That story was a shocker. A while ago I decided to go organic but then who knows what one gets when they go shopping??

Trig said...

It is shocking that suppliers think they can get away with this sort of thing, especially when consumers are making genuine efforts to eat organic and free range food.

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