Thursday, 12 October 2006

Prosciutto, Jambon, Presunto, Jamón!

Gallo Nero Italian delicatessen, Stoke NewingtonIn my post on Tuesday I wasn't suggesting that people who eat pork eventually become fat, and nor was I bad- mouthing the meat itself.

I was merely pointing out that people ought to have better things to do with their time than sit around on their rear ends watching piglets on a TV screen.

However, I'm sorry if I upset anyone who thought I had something against pork. On the contrary in fact, I am actually a huge fan of a good ham.

Today my dad went to Gallo Nero, our favourite Italian delicatessen in nearby Stoke Newington.

He brought home some of Michael's wonderful roast Tuscan ham which we buy regularly, amongst other great imported Italian delicacies.

Here it is. A far cry from the bland, lifeless supermarket hams full of water and salt. I find this flavoursome cold cut can be complemented beautifully by Dijon mustard, though Michael would probably never speak to me again if he knew I was using French condiments on his Italian meat!
Michael with a roast ham from Tuscany

Ham, beautiful ham, there's nothing quite like it!


Anonymous said...

Only a culinary blog would have to apologise for offending pork lovers.

Voodoo said...

Ohhh my that looks so good!

Celine said...

that looks delicious!

Trig said...

It was delicious. All gone now! If you thought that looked good, you want to try Michael's spicy Italian sausages.

Jose Maria said...

If you actually love ham, and you've been to Portugal, then you might have come across Spain's "jamón ibérico de bellota" (that is, dry cured spanish ham coming from iberian race pigs fed with acorn and grass in the wild, raised in south-western spanish pasturelands known as "dehesas"). The price of this deli is usually shocking for outsiders, though...

Trig said...

I'd never heard of this ham before, thanks for pointing it out to me. It looks great, and very expensive! But tell me at that price, would you get a free Penélope Cruz with every kilo of jamón?

Jose Maria said...

mmm... not likely... at most you'd get a Victoria Beck-HAM :D

Trig said...

Penélope Cruz has got something that Posh Spice hasn't got. Actually, Penélope Cruz has got two things that Posh Spice hasn't got. And a personality.

Something you may not know about Beck-ham - apart from the fact that he started out playing for Eastgate Utd here in Hackney in the same football league that I played in - is that when he first joined Man U they printed shirts for him that read: "Beckam 7".

I think they are quite valuable these days. It may have something to do with the fact that in East End cockney the word "ham" has a silent "h".

Jose Maria said...

Finally, I guess, everything makes sense:
Beckham likes "jamón" !

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